Document, Not Create

Document, Not Create: An invitation to my journey through life

My Approach to Learning Things QUICKLY

I have a wide variety of talents. Photography, handstanding, and coding. Here's My Approach to Learning Things QUICKLY

An Update on My Life

Here I am lying in my own bed in my own house on a block that overlooks downtown San Diego thinking about how God has blessed me with so many amazing materials, friends, family, and opportunity. It's definitely crazy to think that I have my own house now that I share with 5 other guys…

Day Trip Across the Silicon Valley

Pictures of our trip around the Bay Area!

Thoughts about Finishing my Second Year of University

Here are my thoughts about my second year of university.

My experience in Brooklyn

Here's my experience in Brooklyn! Definitely contrasts my time in Manhattan!

First Day in New York City

Check out my post about my experience of my first day in New York!

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