No Rome: RIP Indo Hisashi

The music industry doesn't have any prominent Asian artists, but No Rome, an artist of Filipino descent, is on the come up. The 1975's Protege is on the rise, check out RIP Indo Hisashi

Volcano Choir: Repave

A side project of the man behind Bon Iver. Cryptic. Calming. Chaotic. Check out Volcano Choir: Repave

Forrest., Biskwiq: Warm

J.R.R. Tolkien said "Not all who wander are lost." I honestly do not remember where I found these two because I was probably navigating through the depths of Spotify, but this album I've found is a goldmine. Warm is simply a chill island vibe. This album takes us to an album paradise and invites us…

Galamatias & Alina Baraz: Urban Flora

A beautiful story of two lovers told through the lens of the female. An album of ultimate chill. Atmospheric EDM and smooth R&B vocals. Check out Galamatias & Alina Baraz: Urban Flora

Dame D.O.L.L.A. : Confirmed

An underrated hip hop banger album from an NBA superstar.

An Update on My Life

Here I am lying in my own bed in my own house on a block that overlooks downtown San Diego thinking about how God has blessed me with so many amazing materials, friends, family, and opportunity. It's definitely crazy to think that I have my own house now that I share with 5 other guys…

First Week Finished

Today marks the end of my first week of university back in America. This week left me utterly exhausted. Fortunately, two of my morning classes got canceled and I got the chance to sleep in. That rest was necessary. I have class from 8 - 2:30 with some breaks in between. Some of the classes…

What to Expect from this Blog in the Future

Here are my plans for this blog in 2017.

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