My Reverse Bucket List

A reverse bucket list is a list of things I crossed off of my bucket list. Here's mine!

My Bucket List

My Bucket List on awesome things I want for my life!

How I Network

The key part of expanding your network isn't what can you do for me, it's what can I do for you.

Dame D.O.L.L.A. : Confirmed

An underrated hip hop banger album from an NBA superstar.

Louis Futon: Way Back When

Such an amazing combination of Jazz and EDM.

James Blake: Assume Form

Welcome to Wesley's music recommendations! I love discovering new music and want to share with others about these awesome artists! I want to start with James Blake's Assume Form. This album dropped in January 2019 and uses a combination of electronic beats and trap beats and forms this crazy unique trap/hip hop/chill vibe. He makes…

My experience in Brooklyn

Here's my experience in Brooklyn! Definitely contrasts my time in Manhattan!

First Day in New York City

Check out my post about my experience of my first day in New York!

What to Expect from this Blog in the Future

Here are my plans for this blog in 2017.

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