Volcano Choir: Repave

A side project of the man behind Bon Iver. Cryptic. Calming. Chaotic. Check out Volcano Choir: Repave

Forrest., Biskwiq: Warm

J.R.R. Tolkien said "Not all who wander are lost." I honestly do not remember where I found these two because I was probably navigating through the depths of Spotify, but this album I've found is a goldmine. Warm is simply a chill island vibe. This album takes us to an album paradise and invites us…

Galamatias & Alina Baraz: Urban Flora

A beautiful story of two lovers told through the lens of the female. An album of ultimate chill. Atmospheric EDM and smooth R&B vocals. Check out Galamatias & Alina Baraz: Urban Flora

Dame D.O.L.L.A. : Confirmed

An underrated hip hop banger album from an NBA superstar.

Louis Futon: Way Back When

Such an amazing combination of Jazz and EDM.

James Blake: Assume Form

Welcome to Wesley's music recommendations! I love discovering new music and want to share with others about these awesome artists! I want to start with James Blake's Assume Form. This album dropped in January 2019 and uses a combination of electronic beats and trap beats and forms this crazy unique trap/hip hop/chill vibe. He makes…

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