Born and raised in San Jose, California, I lived there for 18 years until I moved to San Diego for college. I was directionless. I was going with the flow and doing what everyone else was doing.

Around this time I had a relationship with Jesus Christ. I looked back in my 18 years of life and realized it was empty and something needed to change. I went all in on learning as much as I can about who Jesus was and how I can model my life after His.

I solo-traveled to New York City, Chicago, and backpacked Europe. I went to NYC because I found cheap plane tickets and met up with family I haven’t seen in 10 years. I went to Chicago for Lollapalooza had the best time of my life. I backpacked Europe as a graduation trip for myself. I love traveling because I get the chance to meet people with different world views.

I know there are others out there who want to improve themselves and aren’t content with where they are now. We’re all dreaming of a life better than we are now. I dream of chasing after Wesley 3-years from now who is in Dubai skydiving above the palm tree-shaped islands. I’m taking steps to become that man. I know you want to chase after the you 3-years from now too and I want to help you.

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