This was the biggest advice I received from an IGTV video from Gary Vaynerchuk. It took so much pressure off me as a 22-year old who yet has something to offer in this world. A little backstory…

I was in London visiting some friends after the new year of 2019 and my old core group met up in our favorite place: Nandos. For us Americans on the West Coast, Nandos is a Portuguese chicken place famous for their buttery, spicy seasoned chicken. I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in two years and met new friends who joined the group. One of my old friends, Gatwa, asked us all what the word of our year will be. I’ve heard “peace”, and “purpose”. My word was “create” because I wanted to create more blog posts, videos, music, podcast episodes, and other content. I stuck this conversation for the next few months and tried creating as much as I can. I noticed each week, I took too much time to create the perfect content like spending an entire week on a single one-minute video for Instagram. Yeah, high quality is good, but I spent too much time making sure it was perfect.

Then came this phrase

Document, not create. Gary V was talking to a 22-year old who wanted to be a motivational speaker. This kid, however, was just a normal 22-year old. He didn’t survive a shark attack and became a surfing legend. There is no reason why 60,000 people would come listen to a 22-year old talk. He was a straight outta college student like me trying to swim through the murky real world. Everything Gary V said struck me because I myself am that 22-year old kid. I had nothing special to offer. I’m not an expert in anything. I’m sure if you’ve been following me for a bit, I wrote tips on how to be the most productive you can be. Yeah, they’re awesome tips, but at the end of the day, it’s all stuff I’ve learned from others who’ve done something in this world. In the end, Gary V gave advice to document and not create.

This took SO much pressure off of me

There are millions of others out there who are just like me trying to figure out my impact in this world. This is why documenting is important, because it gives others a chance to view my journey, my successes, my failures, and use that to mold their journey. This is why I LOVE reading biographies because we get entire lifespans of amazing humans lives. And this is why I want to document more of my life, so readers like you can learn from me and live your life to the fullest.

Documenting also increased more of my content. I really don’t have to be a perfectionist anymore. My Instagram stories are snapshots of my life and I personally think my life is hilarious. I can share my opinion on things and engage with more people because I care less of how my content looks but rather to simply share my experience of life. The responses I get from being more active on social media have been amazing. It’s surprising to hear the amount of support I hear from around the world.

The journey right now looks like me sharing stories to the world. I’ve through so many experiences the past 4 years and the world needs to know what I have to share. So, if you haven’t done so already, I invite you to follow me on my journey of life. You can follow me here or on social media. Either way, you’ll learn that life will take you on interesting turns.

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