I finally got a day job I love. Notice I said day job. I help the day to day roles at Pacific Sportswear and help SmartPatch grow. We needed a YouTube channel created, DONE. We got potential customers looking for patches. SOLD. They need an opinion on how an email sounds like or how a video looks. GOTCHA. Working at this place is awesome because I utilize the skills I learned by myself and my input regarding decisions matter. Looking back at this, if I were to get a corporate job in a big name company, I’d HATE it. From my experience at internships, they try to make work become your life. Working more than 40 hours per week and taking away time from your family and yourself. All for the almighty dollar bill.


One of the reasons why I’m so attracted to entrepreneurship is because I want to sustain myself that way I can continually give to others. My time is TOO important to be helping someone( a corporate company) achieve their dream. My time is dedicated to helping others realize the impact they can have on this world. If this means helping an individual or community achieve their dreams, then my time will be worth it.

I’ve been reading Garden City by John Mark Comer. Amazing book. It talks about how to be a better human. We become satisfied in life when we find a purpose in what we do, aka work. Work simply means service to others. Accounting can be work. Parenting can be work. Being a student can be work. If you’ve ever wondered how I can serve God in my workplace, you simply gotta be good at what you do.


There’s this expectation in life that you’ve “made it.” After hearing countless interviews of amazing people, reading tons of biographies, and listening to mentors in my life, this 22-year old can come to the conclusion that you will NEVER “make it” in life. If you got your dream job, congrats, you now gotta be good at it. If you found the love of your life, you have to continue to love them. If you get kids, you’ve gotta raise them to be awesome human beings.

One of my favorite idols Kobe Bryant, 5-time NBA champion, MVP, and face of the NBA retired at age 38. He could’ve lived a life in solitude in an island paradise somewhere, but he didn’t do that. He realized his purpose is greater than himself. He began Granity Studios, a studio focused on writing stories for children to inspire them, using the basis of sports.

I want to do that

My goal is to make as much money as I can to give back to my parents. My parents took money out of their retirement fund to pay for my tuition at PLNU. I’m my parent’s retirement fund. After I pay back my parents, I want to travel to different countries helping them create a sustainable business to help their economy thrive.

That’s me, my dreams, goals, and aspirations. Here’s where I am in life and am excited to see where God takes me next.


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