This summer season has been amazing for me. It’s filled with adventure and spontaneity. I’m finally putting my roots down in San Diego and building my future and helping others. Three big things that happened for me has been work, church, and music.


Still having trouble finding a job within my degree. I’ve gotten close to some places, but it’s because of my lack of experience that they don’t want to move further with me. I’m a jack-of-all-trades type guy but am not specialized in one area. It’s tough because I also don’t know what I want to do with a day job. I know I want this blog to eventually grow into a small business so I can travel and work from my laptop.

But in the meantime, I’m doing roofing work to pay the bills. It’s a dirty job for sure, and there are days where I wish I were inside an office working. There are days where I’m just discouraged because I’m stuck here fixing roofs when I just graduated university with a Bachelor’s Degree and imagining all the scenarios I could be at. But I’m grateful to be where I am. I’d much rather do roofing to stay in San Diego than go back home to San Jose and get a “real job.” I love San Diego because there are so many things to do, so many interesting people to meet, and so much room for growth for me. I personally feel moving back to my hometown is going to regress my progress as a person by becoming sheltered again.

I’m still looking, and if you’re a reader in San Diego who knows of an opportunity awaiting, let me know because I would love to jump aboard on that!


I’ve found a place where I can call home, and that is Park Hill Church of San Diego. I’ve become one of the community leaders where I lead a small group where we can connect with each other and grow closer with Jesus. I’m blessed my group has such amazing people. People from church and my roommates are involved. We’ve definitely grown closer together as a community and these people make this place feel like home for all of us. We’ve made awesome summer memories together like playing groundies in Mission Bay, hanging out on a yacht, and hiking with a whale.

My favorite part of my small group is I’m raising leaders. I’m not even the oldest in my group. I’m like on the upper end of the majority. But, I’m shaping leaders at my Alma Mater grow in their faith. Some are becoming Residential Assistants, some Outdoor Adventure leaders, others as broken people in Christ living on campus. The others are young professionals out in the workforce. They get to be strong reflections of Christ too.

Nothing more I can ask for my first summer after graduation. You really hear about the stereotypes about not having a summer after school is over, but I’ve found that to be a lie. Work isn’t going to stop you from having a social life and a side hustle. I still got plenty of time after work to hustle on the growth of my brand, lead a small group, and record music. Still got time to go out and enjoy the sunshine, the waves, the nature, and the presence of others. It helps I don’t have homework nor extracurriculars to worry about anymore.

I’m growing in my faith here. Read a lot of faith books about dating, marriage, God, Hell, purpose, and life. Heavy topics, but it’s formed such a joyful outlook for me. I’m learning to be vulnerable with others in my small group and learning how to be emotionally healthy by process my emotions. You’ll hear a lot about toxic masculinity and I whole heartily believe the truth in that trope. I used to bottle my emotions and I would passive-aggressively reflect those emotions on others and it would often get to the point where I would explode. We were meant to process all emotions. Pain, sadness, depression, guilt, happiness, and joy. God puts pain, sadness, depression, guilt in our life to point us toward joy. Everlasting Joy through Jesus Christ.


I’ve had my home recording studio for about a year and a half by now and just recently started using it. I’ve recorded some awesome songs with my friends from my community group. I’ve long had a passion for music and this is something I can see myself doing till the day I die. I’ve recorded several rap songs with my friend Jose and just finished recording a country song with my friend Caleb. I love seeing my friends’ creative projects being brought to life by my skills. They write and perform and I mix, master, and produce. I just love hearing the projects too because of how amazingly talented we are! Caleb connected me with a music producer/sound engineer in Oregon and I’m hoping to connect with him soon about a potential job opportunity as a sound engineer!

I’m excited for what the future brings. My present isn’t my future and I can’t wait to see what the future looks like.

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