A reverse bucket list is a list of things I crossed off of my bucket list. Don’t compare your accomplishments with mine, we’re both on different journeys. It’s for me to reflect back on my accomplishments and become grateful for them and inspire y’all to take action to cross things off too! Writing your own will help you become grateful for your life and will help you fight comparison.



  • Yosemite National Park
    • Took a day-trip (Stupid, I know)
  • San Francisco
    • Took amazing street photos
  • Santa Cruz/Capitola
    • Ran into a random car show
  • Oakland
    • Saw The Golden State Warriors
  • San Jose
    • Apple HQ
  • San Diego
    • Salvation Mountain
      • Slab City (Nomadic community in the desert)
    • Potato Chip Rock
    • Three Sister’s Falls
    • Devil’s Punch Bowl
    • Learned to surf (not good, but can flex)
    • Saw the green flash (When the sun passes the horizon, it flashes green)
    • Free tickets to San Diego Padres
    • Concerts
      • Beyonce and Jay-Z
      • Tory Kelly
      • Daniel Champagne
      • Joey BADA$$
    • Point Loma Nazarene University
      • Graduated
      • Planted Star Wars pictures around school library for May 4th that are still up to this day
  • Los Angeles
    • Saw LABron
  • Anza Borrego Desert
    • Camped
    • Stargazed
    • Impaled my hand on a cactus

Chicago, Illinois

  • Lollapalooza

Washington DC

  • Was there during the longest government shutdown in history
  • Met up with second-cousins

Boston, Massachusetts

  • Learned how to bike around a city (I’m a California, I drive everywhere)

New York, New York

  • Got a free Uber ride from a new friend I made on the plane.
  • Hung out with friends I made in London
  • Met up with cousins whom I last saw 10 years ago

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Hung out with American friends I met in London

Austin, Texas

  • Got trapped in an elevator for one hour

United Kingdom:

  • London
    • Made lifelong friends and became a second home
    • Met a popular Indonesian actress
    • Saw too many Westend shows
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Cardiff, Wales
  • Liverpool
  • Bath
  • Chester
  • Cotswolds
  • Stonehenge
  • Oxford
    • Had an Oxford formal dinner (Hogwarts style) with a friend from San Jose

Berlin, Germany

  • Had the worst luck of my life with transportation being late and weather

Paris, France

  • Got into the Palace of Versaille for free (Convinced them we’re French students)
  • Climbed The Cathedral of Notre Dame

Cinque Terre and Venice, Italy

  • Survived a tempest (trashcans were rolling around like tumbleweeds)

Barcelona, Spain

  • Made friends with other Americans and hiked the Pyrenees Mountains

Budapest, Hungary

  • Witnessed a near-death situation

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Became friends with an awesome local
  • Witnessed Denmark winning the European Handball Championship for the first time with other Danish people

Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico

  • Helped build churches

Personal Accomplishments:

Wrote a song to a girl: I liked a girl and wrote a song for her. It was terrible in my opinion, but it was funny.

Hiked barefoot: Hike Three Sister’s Falls barefoot just because.

Traveled solo: I’m not letting anything getting in the way of me going somewhere.

Have a global network: I have lifelong friends all across the US and UK. Soon to be all of Europe and eventually the world.

Outreached to the homeless: Lead a homeless ministry during my time at PLNU and personally impacted many lives.

Lead a church small group: Making San Diego feel like a home to many people.

Did not sustain any major injuries: The biggest injury being sliding down a 20ft rope and burning my hands off for two weeks. I was handicapped during those two weeks because I couldn’t use my hands for ANYTHING. I’m completely healed now with no scars.

I want y’all to write down your achievements and accomplishments and be grateful for having done them! You’ll enjoy them!






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