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The caption of my blog is “to dream big and make those dreams into a reality.” To make these dreams into a reality, we take action. These actions can then be divided up into daily habits. I tell myself the person I idolize the most is Wesley 3-years from now. I envision the man I will become and take steps into becoming that person. Wesley in the future is going to be an amazing man of God, a happy man, physically fit, recorded an EP with friends, and making money from this blog.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to YES THEORY. They have a slogan, “SEEK DISCOMFORT.” They constantly seek discomfort to live a life with no fear. Imagine right now a life you have with NO FEAR. You could get ANYTHING you want. I want to chase after this and I encourage you to do the same. This is why I want to share with y’all my bucket list. I got a lot of things here I want to achieve. I’ll be posting my reverse bucket list of what I’ve already done so far.


I want to travel the world and by this, I mean to settle down and enjoy a culture and build a relationship with its people. I’m TIRED of tourism. Tourism is essentially objectifying a culture and consuming as much of it as you can for your personal gain at the cost of its locals. I love how interconnected the world is right now with social media and have friends all over the US and UK. I’m trying to expand my network and this list will be places I see myself living in for at least 3 months.

Dubai, United Arabic Emirates: Ride a camel in the desert.

Sao Paolo, Brazil: Get integrated into the culture.

Sydney, Australia: Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Singapore, Singapore: Reenact Crazy Rich Asians and party on a yacht.

Lagos, Nigeria: Just like Sao Paolo, I have no expectations.

All these places are big cities with diverse populations. I want to meet tons of people and explore different cultures and share my culture with them too.

Experiences Part 1:

This next section is all about the experience. The experiences here are big scale experiences. I remember in college, I struggled with FOMO (The fear of missing out). FOMO means you don’t want to be left out of doing something so you do it solely for the sake of doing it. I’m grateful for FOMO for pushing me outside my comfort zone and fueling my adventurous spirit. FOMO sometimes takes over my responsibilities of school and blog by wanting to hang out with friends rather than do work. It’s a balance I’m still working on now, but here’s a list of experiences I want to have in life.

LA Clippers vs LA Lakers 2020: After winning the NBA championship for Toronto, Kawhi Leonard decided to take Paul George and come back home to play for the lesser team of LA, the Clippers. Known as the battle for LA, this game will be for the title of the best basketball team in Los Angeles. The Lakers have Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Both teams combined have 4 of the top 10 players in the entire league. This game will be so hype!

2021 Carnival: I want to go to the world’s biggest party in Rio de Janeiro. Plain and simple. I’ve always wanted to come to Rio because of Fast Five, but I don’t think I have time to explore with the entire city partying.

2024 Tomorrowland: World’s biggest EDM festival. Coachella is too basic, but I might be there someday. Tomorrowland probably is too, but not in California.

2026 North America World Cup: The US, Mexico, and Canada are all hosting games for the World Cup. I want to be able to watch at least one game in EACH of these countries. I had plans to go to the 2022 Qatar world cup, but it’s scheduled for winter(after Thanksgiving and early December) and the timing seems is bad.

2028 Los Angeles Olympics: With the Olympics in my state, it’s hard NOT to go.

Experience part 2:

Here are more experiences but on a smaller scale. Most of these will be me tackling fears. Most of these experiences toy with death, but it’s ironic that we feel the most alive when we’re so close to death. Not too big of an adrenaline guy, but I’ve got to overcome these fears.

Ride rides in Amusement Parks: Riding rollercoasters and high towers. The last time I was at an amusement park was in eighth grade when the class took a trip to Great America (An amusement park near San Jose).

Skydiving: I want to skydive over somewhere awesome, like Dubai.

Shark Tank: Not the show, but actually be in a shark tank. Sharks aren’t the creatures the media portrays them to be and I want to touch one.

Give Blood: I’m afraid of needles, but giving blood might save a life.


This section is about things I’ll create.

EP: I want to release an EP with one of my friends. It’ll be me on guitar with him singing.

Blog: I want to be able to blog full-time

Here are some of my bucket list items. I hope these inspire you to write your own and chase after them. If you’re interested in learning more on how you can knock off items off your list, you can click on this link on manifesting your destiny!

These are my dreams, now, what are yours?

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