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One of my biggest struggles after graduating from college was NOT being able to struggle as much. I’m way too comfortable. There wasn’t any repercussion for not doing something. Our GPAs tells us how we were doing in our classes. Life after college doesn’t have that anymore. What indicators do we have to measure our growth now?

Stress is what makes us grow. Not enough is what keeps us in the same place. Too much stress will cause trauma. But that’s what is going to push us towards growth. It’s kind of hard to think of all the late nights spent studying is actually what made us grow, but it disciplined us to have a strong work ethic.

I often think to myself “Why would I need to take theatre classes if I’m never going to use it?” Of course, I do nothing related to theatre today, but the work ethic instilled in me needed to get an A in the class helped me become the person I am today.

The Student Mentality Continues:

Having a student mentality means you never stop growing, so you continue to push yourself to become the best you can. School may be over, but our desire to continuously learn shouldn’t be. It was Socrates who said, “Only true wisdom comes into you knowing nothing.” This quote humbles us into thinking our whatever knowledge we have now is extremely limited. What we know now is just a fraction of the boundless amount of knowledge that exists within this universe. This should motivate us to know more. Our schools don’t teach us how to be an adult aka buying your first house, doing taxes, raising a family. There’s so much more to learn outside of academia that we need to push ourselves to learn so we can help ourselves and more importantly, help others.

If you’re interested in maintaining that student mentality to achieve your dreams, a great way to do that is by taking online courses. Below is an affiliate link to New Skills Academy which contains a wide variety of quality courses to expand your skills.

Getting That Dream Job

Some graduates will get that dream job after college. Others won’t. But that doesn’t mean your life is over. It means your life is just beginning. We’re all on different timelines, but it’s important for us to focus on our lane. Your first job after college may not be your dream job. I’ve had terrible luck. I took a sales job for two and a half weeks and decided it wasn’t for me. I’m currently doing roofing and installing gutters for homes.

Not my ideal situation. I often think if I failed school or if school failed me. But I’ve accomplished a lot at my 3.5 years at PLNU. I had a 3.5 GPA, two internships, an on-campus job, lead a school ministry, and impacted many. But all of this isn’t enough to these companies. I sometimes wish companies would take a chance on me.

But this is what’s motivating me to grow my blog. So I can eventually travel the world making money writing. The 9-5 job ain’t for me. I don’t want to sacrifice my time for money. I want to contribute to the world the best I can and make a living off of it.

Our Purpose

There’s this stigma that we need to FIND our purpose. That it’s going to be hidden in the depths of a Parisian Catacomb or in the vast Amazon jungles. And once you find it, a lightbulb will ding and you are now on a path towards that purpose. I’m going to tell you that’s false. Your purpose is not hiding somewhere in the world. It’s hiding within you.

Let’s take several deep breaths and check in with ourselves. We often forget to ask ourselves “How are we doing?” and see where we are. We often are too carried in life to see our needs and our purpose. Sitting down and closing our eyes, as if we were meditating, will help us block out any outside noise and help us focus on OURSELVES.

Reflect on WHAT ARE YOUR PASSIONS? They can be hobbies. Mine is music, running, and writing.

And let’s channel that into HOW CAN OUR PASSIONS HELP OTHERS? Our purpose is meant to be better and help others. I’ve decided to make a blog and inspire other people to dream big and live an awesome life!


We all have our habits. Some which make us settle into our own conformity, like watching television after a long day of work or scrolling through Instagram before you sleep. It’s important for us to be able to control our habits in order for us to chase after the life we want.

The habits I have seek stress in order for me to grow. Setting these habits now will set your habits for life. Every little thing will either add up or subtract from your life. It’s time to take control of everything you can now and use it for YOUR good!


We have to be mindful of our bodies. We only get one in life, so let’s take care of it. I currently do roofing work and use a lot of my physical strength there, but I still gotta work out my muscles. The act of exercise is physical stress on the body. High school and college were easy to stay fit because there were sports/intermural options available, but now, I gotta be mindful about my body. Our physical prime is about age 28 – 32. Let’s do our best to conserve our bodies.


What you put in your body is important. Obviously, don’t do drugs or smoke. That literally destroys your body and your mind. I make sure to exercise at least 4 times a week.My diet is simple. On a normal basis, I will NOT eat processed foods. My breakfast is usually eggs and toast and my lunch and dinner are served with rice, a type of meat, and veggies. I know every single ingredient that is going on my plate and my stomach. If I’m eating out, it’s anything goes. Eating out for me is a once a week at most type thing and I do it strictly eating out with friends. I’m a pretty healthy guy and am able to eat poorly for a bit. Your diet directly correlates with your mood, energy, and appearance. And if we want to look good and feel good, we gotta eat good!


Reading is THE BEST invest you can make in yourself. There are these billion dollar ideas and 10,000 hours of research into 300 pages being sold for $15. Reading invites us into the minds of others and helps us understand others. It’s hard to make reading a habit. But if you read 25 pages a day, they’ll eventually add up and before you’ll know it, you’ll finish that book. If reading a physical book isn’t your style, there are audio books available and you can speed them up to save you time. Our bodies will eventually decay, but our minds can continue to grow, so let’s feed it the food it needs.

Here’s an affiliate link to Thrift Books, one of the largest online seller of used books:

I’m a Christian, and I make it my duty to read the Bible every day. But, if you as a reader don’t view yourself as a believer of the bible, I recommend you to read books about different worldviews. Learn more about why people believe in things the way they do. But as a believer of the Bible, I highly recommend you to read it to. I firmly believe all of us in our brokenness chose to live life in that brokenness. But it was Jesus Christ who took our brokenness and died with it but rose from the grave. Knowing this, we have hope in Him because he defeated death and has given us life free from our brokenness. I believe your spirit is important and it’s important to keep that healthy too.


Meditating is a method we can use to check in on ourselves. Our daily lives are constantly seeking our attention and we often forget to put our attention on ourselves. It gives us time to reflect on our needs. Lying in bed can be a way of rest, but if you truly want to get to the root of the problem, you need to spend time with yourself removing that problem. A great way to start is to pick a quiet spot and close your eyes. Take a deep breath counting to 4 seconds, hold for 4, and release for 6. Take the time to focus on what’s going on in your life. Taking deep and meaning full breaths. This is what will help us keep our mentality and life in check.


Having a vision is HUGE. I like to look at myself 3-5 years from now. There are so many variables that will change our path, but being able to see ourselves from that close and that far away will help us become that person. Where will be located, who will you become, who will you be with? These are the questions you should be asking about yourself 3 years from now.

I tell people I see myself skydiving above the palm tree islands in Dubai when I turn 25. It’s a WILD dream, but it’s achievable. Everything I do now is dedicated to this moment. This dream is just a small snippet of my actual dream. To be able to travel the world with the girl of my dreams and meet amazing people and build relationships with them. I don’t just want to do cool things, but I want to live in these cities. I think tourism is a form of objectification on a culture. But by being fully immersed in a culture, I can grow as a person and truly flourish in that culture.

Social Life/Community

We need people in life to keep us in check. A community is important. Wherever we may be, our hometown, our college town, or a new city, we need a community to make a place feel like home. College was so easy to make friends because you’re surrounded by people your age. Now, you have to be more intentional about meeting people. If someone says to you “let’s go out for coffee sometime.” YOU need to be the one to reach out to them otherwise you both will never go out for coffee. We can’t go through life alone and we need our tribe to support us forward.

Adulting is tough. But we need to focus on ourselves to be the best we can so that whenever we find our romantic partner, community, or career, you can give them the best you can. Our habits will form us and grow us. Our relationships are what will pick us up when you’re down. We need a vision in order for something to chase after. Life after college is scary, but it’s also filled with so many rewards. A lot of waiting and grinding is going to happen, but the rewards are going to be amazing!

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