Some people think happiness is finding your one true love. Once you get married, you’ll be happy. Some people think finding your dream job it’ll make you happy.

Happiness is merely situational, but joy is everlasting. Of course, you’ll be happy on the day of your wedding and honeymoon, but would you still be happy after a day of you two arguing? Would finding your dream job mean sacrificing time away from your loved ones make you happy? Probably not. But what keeps a couple together is the everlasting joy they have in each other. What makes your dream come true is your sense of purpose.


The secret to happiness is gratitude. Gratitude is an attitude of being grateful for everything you have. This is the first step to experiencing joy.

I set two alarms in the morning and night specifically for me to count my blessings and thank my provider. And I’m living a great life! There are simple things like living in the best part of San Diego and small things like the air we breathe. I’m grateful for being single because it gives me time to invest in myself and others. I currently install gutters as a day job. I’m grateful for this job because I get to work early in the morning and be done by late afternoon and have the whole night to myself. The world can tell me I’m a loser for not having these things, but I can be a winner by recognizing what I already have.


A big obstacle we face to our happiness and joy is comparison. Social media aggravates this insecurity a lot. Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the greatest thief to joy.” We see the successes our friends and acquaintances have and are often jealous we don’t have what they have. Relationships, experiences, material things. As consumers of this world, all these things will not fulfill you. If you put your hope and trust in these things, a girlfriend, a job, a house to make you happy, they will all fail you.

How We Fight Comparison.

We become happy for that person’s success. When you’re a single person scrolling through Instagram and you an acquaintance get engaged, the best thing you can do is be happy for them. That person is about to spend the rest of their life with the love of their life. How does that diminish your value as a person at all? By becoming happy for them, you reduce the insecurity of jealousy seeping into your mind.

Staying in your lane! Just because someone you see someone achieve something in their journey doesn’t mean your journey stops there. It just means everyone’s journey happens at a different pace. By staying in our lane, we can focus on YOUR journey and all the successes that happen!

Practicing gratitude must also be a habit. It is as important as eating healthy, exercising, getting good sleep, and reading. I’ve got these insecurities taunting me every day. But it’s by practicing gratitude I fight them and defeat them. It is an exercise for your mind to focus on YOU and all the good things YOU have in your life.


Happiness isn’t there in your lows, but joy is. There’s hope to be found in Jesus Christ that gives me joy and confidence to push forward when I’m faced with pressure. I’m grateful for his death and resurrection giving me the confidence to go forward. We’re all children of God and children of Light. He looks at us broken people and tells us ” I love you to the point of death.” But he conquered death, and we have nothing more to fear. Perfect love casts out fear. I hope you find the happiness and joy of your life in Jesus Christ!

I challenge you to count your blessings this week and see if anything happens to you!

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