You don’t have to travel far to travel. The world is an amazing place to find hidden gems to explore. I can only speak for San Jose, San Diego, and London, but summertime is coming and it’s the perfect time for day trips. I’m blessed to have been born and raised in California.  There is a multitude of hidden wonders here. We’re next to the Pacific Ocean, near snow-capped mountains, surrounded by redwood trees, by vast deserts, and have tons of amazing cities!

Day Trips:

The best way to spend your Saturday is a day trip. Wake up early and (find some friends or if not, go solo!) get a car, ride the train or walk to somewhere new! In the summer of 2017, my friends Alan, Santpreet, and sometimes Farid (We called our group A Tribe Called Wes) would drive somewhere in Northern California to explore (And to take awesome pics)! We were looking for places to take trendy pics at to be the trendsetters (We managed to take AMAZING photos at APPLE HQ in Cupertino).

We were just three (sometimes four) friends who were bored and wanted to take cool pictures/see something new. We’d research on the web for cool places to visit and go there! Sometimes, we’d run into hidden surprises! On our way back from Point Montara, we stopped by Redwood City for gas and poke (we got hungry and felt bougie). Turns out, we stopped during their anniversary celebration. There was a jazz band in the town square and lots of vendors selling random trinkets.

When I’m in Southern California, I hike! There are amazing waterfalls and trails here and I want to conquer them all! There’s a vast desert to drive through and camp in the night and stargaze! I’m kind of a beach guy and try to surf with friends whenever I can. There’s so much nature to enjoy in Southern California!

Here Are the Gems I Found:

Northern California:

Point Montara:

A Tribe Called Wes wanted to go here to take pictures of a lighthouse. We, however, found a secret beach beneath the cliff in which the lighthouse stood.

Point Montara

Vasona Lake:

A beautiful lake near my hometown of San Jose. It was known for its Christmas Lightshow, but we went after New Years, so it was down. But we stayed for sunset at the lake and it was worth it.



A more touristy site in Santa Cruz, but an awesome place to take a day trip to. It felt like Italy because of the colorful buildings next to the water but in California. There was a bridge and from that bridge you can see the beach on one side, and the forest on the other.


Southern California:

Three Sister’s Falls

A four-mile hike down and up a valley. At the end of it, is 3 waterfalls in a row. The first waterfall is angled in a way where it’s a waterslide. The second waterfall you has a pool you can wade through. The third waterfall is a cliff jumping spot.


Stonewall Peak

An awesome hike we did for sunrise! Easy hike and great views


Day trips are the ultimate form of adventure! Spending half to an entire day devoted to exploring the unknown, only an hour or so away from where you live! I challenge you to take a risk and explore your local area this weekend!

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