A brand isn’t simply a logo. A brand is your image and reputation. All of us have a reputation. Why do the majority of people put their trust in buying Apple products over other products? Because of the reputation of Apple has with its customers. The words “Innovative”, “Sleek”, “Stylish”, and “Different” all come to mind with them. Their presentation and reliability are what makes us trust them.

Why does this matter?

You don’t have to be a company to have a brand. All individuals have a brand. Big ones, for example, are celebrities and athletes known for what they do and who they are. You, an individual away from the media, are known by friends and peers too. When you’re out in the job world, recruiters are looking for you. You are the face of certain attributes and activities.

I brand myself as the Life of Wesley because I want the life I live to be an inspiration to others (And because it was named after Kanye’s The Life of Pablo). But the Life of Wesley inspires others to travel, read, invest, think, and become the best versions of themselves. And then there’s the guy behind the Life of Wesley, Wesley Tran. I brand the individual as a man of God who is reliable and trustworthy, charismatic, talented.

Online Presence:

Having an online presence is important because that’s where people who want to know more about you will go to. Your public profile is a reflection of who you are. When recruiters look for you, they’ll be Googling your name and looking at your reputation and the brand you reflect. What is this person into? What kind of projects have they worked on?

One of the best ways to have a strong online presence is to own a website. There are many free hosting options out there to have a website. Wix, Squarespace, and my personal favorite, WordPress. This blog is run by WordPress because I enjoy the amount of control over creativity I have with this. There are free options which I previously used to simply showcase myself to employers, but now I run a premium option.


The most important part of your brand is a legacy. Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton describes legacy as the seeds you plant in a garden you’ll never see. What is your reputation when you’re gone? Who will you impact in your life? Our brand has to be more than ourselves.

This Life of Wesley brand is meant to inspire others to dream big and take risks. It’s using my journey and experiences to instill wisdom and knowledge in readers to do the same. I love traveling, entrepreneurship, and faith.

What about you? What’s your brand? Who are you to other people? How is your brand going to be bigger than yourself?


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