I’m tired of being a tourist. I’m tired of seeing things that I’ve already seen pictures of online. The Eiffel Tower, not as romantic in real life. The Chicago Bean, was finished looking at it in 4 minutes. Looking down from the Empire State Building, it’s an “aight” view. I believe in doing things, not seeing things. This apathy toward tourism stems from comparing photos online to the actual thing itself. Seeing things has NO impact on me. I want to be integrated into a culture, not seeing national landmarks. I want to live as others do and not pose in front of statues.

Tourism Is A Problem:

Tourism funds a lot of cities. But Tourism is also destroying cities. Venice, Italy is the top one that comes to mine. Venice is pushing its citizens out so they can make more room in for tourists. The thing funding Venice is also making the city literally sink underwater. When I was there, it was exactly as I expected. Overcrowded, stinky, and dirty. The whole city is hiding behind an image. The real Venice is made of the elderly. Quietly living their life on the outskirts of the island. I hate having to see stuff because it’s a national landmark. For example, in Copenhagen, Denmark, it’s known for a Little Mermaid statue. It’s a tiny copper statue the size of a newborn baby. Huge crowds gather round it to take pictures. Why do we need to take pictures of it?

I Want to Live in a Culture, Not See a Culture:

This is why I love traveling to places where I know people. Because they’re a local who can show me the culture and get me integrated on the customs of the culture. I want to go to the same grocery stores they go to and complain about the weather like they do. My time in New York City was amazing because I got to live like a New Yorker. I experienced all four seasons in a week. I yelled, “I’m walkin ere!” I took cold showers because the apartment I stayed in sucked. I slept on a cushion on the floor because the room I was staying in was the size of a closet. I also commuted for three hours one way from my aunt’s place to downtown NYC. All these things gave me the perspective of another human being on another part of the planet. Seeing the Eiffel Tower is not going to make me understand another human being, but understanding how people live opens my world.

I Share My World To My Friends:

Whenever my friends come to visit me in San Diego, I try not to spend most of my time seeing landmarks but integrating them within the culture of San Diego. I show them the food unique to San Diego and connecting them with other friends in San Diego. I want them to have an experience they’ll remember.

Speaking of remembering, I don’t remember my trip to Paris well. I literally just saw things. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre. They’re nice and all, but there’s nothing tying me back to the city. I have no relationship with it nor it’s people. I have no desire to even come back to Paris because I’ve done and seen everything. But, London, New York City, and Chicago all have awesome people I can visit again and enjoy. I recommend you to do the same, don’t just see things, but be a part of the culture you’re in!


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