You are the combination of the five people you spend the most time with. Who you spend time with and how long you spend with them will impact on the person you will become. Being the weakest person in the room means I am the one who’s willing to learn from others. It’s like being the worst player on the best team instead of being a star player on the worst team. I have so much more room to grow because of all the positive influence I’m surrounded by. I have mentors and people in my life who push me forward to achieving my purpose.


I’m lucky to have mentors of all ages in my life. Some older, some the same age as me, and even some younger than me. We all have something to give and there’s always something new to learn from someone. I’m friends with a lot of 18-year olds who’s just finished their first year of college. They lived the most amazing lives and I continue to learn off of them.

Most of my close mentors are older than me because they’ve lived life longer than I have and made mistakes and I want to learn from those mistakes. Mistakes about being a better father and a better husband.  I’m nowhere close to being either of those, but I know I’ll be ready for those roles when I get there. One of them being my own father. We’re not super close, but I’m always learning something whenever I’m around him and I’m fortunate to have him in my life.

I’ve got friends my age who are going through the same things I am and are taking the same risks and it’s awesome to know you ain’t going through something alone. My roommates Hayden and Uriel are creating a fitness program together while my other roommate Riley is taking off his social media marketing company and I’m building up my blog. We inspire each other to work hard to achieve our dreams. We also call each other flaws we see in each of our projects. We’re a household that pushes each other to grow.


I’m surrounded by an awesome community of people in which I can keep myself in check. There’s a social stigma where men are “supposed to be strong” and “aren’t able to show their weakness.” That’s wrong. That’s a facade hiding the brokenness and it will only add up until it explodes. The true strong men are men who are able to be vulnerable. We all have brokenness and needs to attend to and they need to be seen. I am fortunate to have an amazing community to talk to about this brokenness.

Letting People Go:

There are definitely times where you need to let go of people in your life because they’re holding you back from your purpose. I can’t have negative people in my life because they’re sole purpose is to bring me down. I don’t like spending time with people who aren’t driven by their purpose and who like to waste it because it distracts me from my purpose. It’s harsh, but what they’re doing is harsh to you. Social weeds you need to remove from your life so you can grow and flourish. You deserve to move forward and you can’t let people hold you back.

Being the weakest person in the room is only a mentality. Being able to learn from peers who can offer their strengths to you. I know I can’t push forward on my own and I need the support of friends, teachers, and mentors. I recommend taking a look back at your circle and mentors. Find and surround yourself with people who will help you grow. Let of the ones holding you back.

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