“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin.


I used to hate reading. Once we were able to read sentences, I never bothered to continue to improve in my reading skills because we were literate enough. I used to read a ton of books to take AR tests so I can get rewards and then I stopped once I moved past elementary school.

Now, I read to continually become the best and most wise version of myself. I read to understand people better, I read to make my life better. The body has its physical peaks, but the mind has no limit. It will keep on growing the more you feed it. Most of this post was inspired by the book, The Joys of Compounding, The Passionate Pursuit of Lifelong Learning by Gautam Baid. Gaid said, “Self-improvement is the ultimate form of investing in oneself.”

Reading invites me into different worlds, different lives, and different perspectives. I can see a person’s life span and journey from beginning to end and I can model my story after their story. My twenties are filled with a BUNCH of uncertainty, but reading people’s stories, allows me to see the path they walked and make my own steps. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, wrote in his memoir Shoe Dog he traveled around the world after earning his Master’s. That influenced me to backpack around Europe for a month. I also learned from his mistakes. He showed Nike more attention than his wife and kids and almost damaged his relationship with them. I don’t want to make the same mistake with my future wife and kid because of this.

Hans Rosling in Factfulness tells me yes the world is still crappy, but it’s getting so much better. If you compared death in airplanes now compared to deaths 20 years ago, you’ll see it’s significantly less than it was. Female Literacy rates in the world are increasing, poverty rates are decreasing. Developing countries are developed countries now. The media likes to portray the one bad thing that happens instead of the 10,000 good things that happen. Africa isn’t only filled with starving children, but it’s also filled with skyscrapers! What an optimistic view of our wonderful world! Yes, there are still things to be worked on, but the world is getting better!


Baid also said in his book, “Good books are the most undervalued asset class: The right ideas can be worth millions, if not billions, of dollars over time.” The opportunity cost of having million dollar ideas crammed into 300 pages that probably costs $13 is a steal! People have poured countless hours into creating these books and we have access to a bunch of wisdom and knowledge! We look back in history to prepare for the future. There are patterns that cycle throughout history. The details may be different, but it’s quite similar. Read so you can be the best version of yourself, so you can understand different peoples, and so you can become wise when you make tough decisions.

A big obstacle for new readers is finding time to read. I made it a goal to read at least either a chapter a day or 25 pages if it’s a big book. Reading 25 pages a day can add up and if you only were to read it about 5 days a week, you’d read about 8500 pages in a year! That’s about 10 books and you’d already have grown far more throughout this year.

You should be reading things you ENJOY. If you’re dreading reading a book, move on to something else! I read books about Christianity because I want to grow in my relationship with Christ and with others. I noticed I haven’t been reading much from female authors so I’m currently going through Love Lives Here by Maria Goff and Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley( it’s kinda funny because she assumes the reader is a female haha). I’ve thoroughly been reading these books the past few days and have gone past my goal of only reading a chapter a day.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some of the books I recommend to people. I challenge you right now to buy a book off of Amazon and read at least 25 pages of it a day. These 25 pages a day will change your life and possibly others!

Link to the book recommendations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12X4-tVJeqczD8ITUOLGnl-egKjG3GML3iCc_oDQROFE/edit#gid=0


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