A bedroom producer whose impact extends to all over the world. Yoste said he wanted to make music where it could take you into a different world. He wants to imagine driving up along the coast during sunset or staring into the night sky. The music he makes are soundtracks to different aspects of life.

Why You Should Listen:

Yoste combines a guitar and electronic ambiance into his own form of music. It’s calming, peaceful, soothing and borderline melancholic. The purpose is to take us somewhere because being here sometimes isn’t enough. It’s music that doesn’t say much but makes you feel a lot.

Five Favorite Songs:


Titled after the main character of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. In the movie, Chihiro stumbles onto the spirit world and meets a witch named Yubaba who runs a bathhouse for the spirits. In order for Chihiro to leave the spirit world, she must work and she accepts a contract from Yubaba to work in the bathhouse. This contract forced Chihiro to give up her name and Yubaba renames her ‘Sen’. Sen doesn’t remember her own name. Yubaba does this to take away the workers’ identity so they can stay and work for her forever.

This song is a coming of age song. The lyrics are:

“Out of my cage through an open door, Feeling less tired than I did before, I broke my fever then I broke my chains, I don’t like liars and I don’t like change.”

“I tried to run but I was much too slow, I’m only young but that was long ago, The air was cool and now it burns my lungs, Stains my eyes and stills my tongue.”

Just like Chihiro, Yoste feels lost and constricted. In his own Spotify bio, Yoste states he was and still is struggling with listlessness and his purpose in life. This song represents him wading through the waters of the unknown and finding the path he was meant to be on.


This song talks about an abusive relationship. The person he’s known so well has become someone else. They got their claws around his throat and he doesn’t know who this person is.

“I’ve fallen on my own regret, Building towers from my love. Your claws around my throat again, All I am is not enough.”

“Tell me that there’s something left, I’m a coward and a cub. We try so hard but stay bereft, Mm, I’m broken up.”

“I don’t know where you go, But I know you so well, When I’m alone with you, alone with you. I don’t know who you are, When you’re with your friends, I can only lose.”

This song sounds both happy and sad. It’s got a sad piano chord progression but an upbeat guitar and drums. This song is the realization of this relationship he’s in is ending and it’s time to move on.


An atmospheric vibe. These lyrics repeat themselves throughout the song. These lyrics are indicative of his feelings of listlessness and search for purpose.

“Heaving, hollow, Breathing, so slow,
Upright, but tiring Lost sight, climbing.

Coming to rest, At great height, We’re formless, in the low light, In the warmth of your glow I’m alright, Though I wish I could claw back some time, I could breathe in the colours so bright.”

He along with many people he has met are climbing in this journey called life. It’s heavy, can feel hollow at times, tiring, and sometimes bleak. But there are times where we feel warmth in this fog and we can trust in it to lead us forward.


Umi is the Japanese word for ‘sea’ or ‘ocean.’ As the lyrics suggest, he is going through a heavy storm in his life. He carries many burdens and is caged by them, but needs to wade through the waves.

“Aged by the waves,
From the lake below,
Caged by the weight of your heavy soul.”

“We were higher than the peaks,
But couldn’t see them,
Lit a fire from the leaves, but couldn’t breathe in.

After dark, I was frozen, without a spark,
Never chose, to be who you are,
So close, so far.”

This song represents this journey we’re all going through. When uncertainty is all we see, we need to be stepping forward.


Calcifer is named after a fire demon from another Miyazaki movie, Howl’s Moving Castle. Calicifer is the lifeline for both the wizard named Howl and his moving castle. He meets a girl named Sophie and is caught in a war between both Sophie’s nation and another nation. Howl transforms into a bird-like monster to interfere with both sides of the war, but every time he does so, he loses his humanity.

“Alone, I wept a lie
I long to know, how you came by your broken eye
Alive, you brought me low
In the river I’ll stand to know”

The lyrics seem to be from the perspective of Sophie, realizing Howl is becoming a monster to stop the war. His efforts, however, do not have a long term impact for the war and is causing him to lose his human form. This song takes us into the movie where peace and war struggle against each other.

Yoste is an up-and-coming talent who’s going to do big things. His music inspires us to reach bigger heights and reflect on our pasts and how we got to where we are today. His music makes us feel a whirlwind of emotions and takes us on a wild journey in life.

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