Since graduating from college, the biggest struggle for me is defining structure in my life. No more grades, no more degree to work toward and no more classes to take. There are no more immediate repercussions for actions. No F’s, no lectures from the professors, no one acting disappointed. This is the beginning of my 20’s though. Everything I do now has a long term effect in my life and if I don’t take action now, 30 year-old me may be in trouble. I have a vision of how I want 25 year-old me to be and I’m taking actions now to make sure I become that version of myself by the time I am 25.


You need to be chasing after yourself 3-years from now. Envision yourself with the character traits you want, the job you want, and where you want to be. I see myself being a Godly man growing in Christ and sharing the Gospel with others. I see myself as a physically fit man not worrying about what I eat and a knowledgable and wise man. I see myself making money from this blog and am working hard to grow it. I see myself traveling around the world living in various locations with my top destinations being Sydney, Dubai, and Sao Paolo. I recommend you to write this out. Write out who, what, and where you’ll be three years from now.


Now that you see yourself three years from now, you just gotta fill in the in-between. Being a Godly man means I have to be involved in a church, surround myself with a great community, and read the bible every day. Being a fit man means being active as much as I can. Being a knowledgable and wise man means reading as much as I can. To make money from this blog means putting as much time as I can into this blog. To be in Sydney, Dubai, and Sao Paolo, I gotta make money.

You have your vision down now. Repeat it to yourself every day. Every morning when you wake up, think about this vision. Keep thinking about this vision to fight against distractions. I know I spend about 20 minutes of my morning on my phone messing around. That’s 20 minutes wasted of not achieving my goal! I have a duty to be that man three years from now and I can’t let that vision down. I can’t deprive the world of Wesley and this world can’t be deprived of you.  Not being the best version of you is a disservice to you and your creator!


Now that I know what steps to take, I gotta commit to doing these things every day! I make sure to be a part of a church (Shout out Park Hill Church in San Diego), I’m surrounded by a great community (I’m leading one for Park Hill, yeet!) and to read the bible EVERY DAY. I exercise 5-6 times a week. I lift weights and either run, play basketball, or go surfing. I read at least 25 pages a day of a book (I just finished Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone, a great read!). I’m going to start making 6 blog posts a week and actively spreading this blog around.

I invite you to do the same. Take this vision and break it down to small steps. Then implement these small steps into your daily life. If you don’t do these, you won’t be closer to being the version of you from three years from now.


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