I’m going to start a new series for Fridays called Friday spotlight. I will feature artists who don’t have full albums or EPs and primarily released singles. I’m going to start with Kidswaste because he was one of my first discoveries. A fusion of indie, pop, and electronic music.

Five Favorite Songs:

Sleeping Pills( Featuring KOLE):

The intro melody sounds very similar to the chorus of Hillsong United’s So I Will(100 Billion X). The lyrics are really depressing. KOLE can’t find peace that this person she is singing about isn’t here anymore and needs sleeping pills to escape this pain. Ironically enough, this song is kinda a sleeping pill for some people as music can be used as an escape. This song feels like a chill lullaby lulling you to sleep.

Beautiful Life (Featuring Sophie Simmons):

My personal favorite Kidswaste song. The beat is upbeat and so happy sounding and Simmons sings in happily too. Simmons sings to her lover saying he was her world. The song itself sounds like a good goodbye. Where both parties deeply loved each other, but it seems they’re okay because it’s a beautiful life. The drop sounds like Simmons is crying and saying goodbye at the same time. Of course, Simmons is feeling broken about why this guy left her and never gave her a reason, but she “looks up and holds onto the night” trying to move on.

Wild (Featuring Khai):

This song aims to release the nostalgia in you. The beginning plucks give a Kings of Leon feel. The chorus goes “Going wild, you can’t take away myself.” It makes you feel like being a kid again and just being carefree. In an age where we’re defined by our busy schedule, we sometimes forget to be ourselves.

More Colors (Featuring Chelsea Cuttler):

This boy Cutler is talking too only sees things one way. She says “All that you see is blue and Green.” She gives him the ultimatum of being either blind or free and tells him he needs more colors in his life. The song is a beautiful EDM song with a drop that sonically explodes with color. The synths bounce up and down simulating colors coming out.

Come Back (Featuring Gnash):

Kidswaste originally made an instrumental and posted it on Soundcloud, but Gnash hit him up and they collaborated on making a more upbeat version of this song. This song sounds nostalgic because of a high pitched vocal layer dueting with Gnash’s voice and a snare roll sounding like a marching band. The drop also has a cool future bass like synth bouncing. Definitely one of the my favorites of Kidswaste.

[+1 more] Tbh ily by Chet Porter (Kidswaste remix): 

Kidswaste was inspired by The Legend of Zelda. A bouncy track meant to make us feel like we’re in a village slowly enjoying life. He samples the main theme and overlays the main voice with a high voice to make it sound like Navi singing. He even includes the “Hey!” part from Navi. A soothing song to whisk us away into another world.

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