A sequel to my discovery of Warm by Forrest. and Biskwiq. Surfaces is a band comprised of Forrest., Colin Padalecki, and Alexa Padalecki. All three are from Texas, yet this trio takes us back into this island paradise we all dream of. Chill is all this album is and this album begins with a reggae-like vibe mixed with contemporary lo-fi hip hop.

Five Favorite Songs: 

Shine On Top:

This song is all about staying positive. “Even if the sun goes down, you gotta keep that shine on top yeah.” In verse 1, Forrest. is on his bike moving around in the city swerving and speeding because outside is so beautiful. In verse 2, he brakes and takes everything in. The feeling of the wind and taking a deep breath. The next part talks about investing in ourselves. If we don’t, we’re wasting the gifts God has given us.

Heaven Falls/ Falls on Me:

Colin Padalecki opened his blinds and saw the outside looking like a painting. He went to lay in a park and take in the beautiful colors. He wrote a bunch of different choruses, but this is the one that seemed to capture the images he saw and hopes to share that same feeling here too. The Falls on Me part comes from an attempt at learning banana pancakes on the ukelele when Padalecki was young and thought it mixed well with Heaven Falls.

This View:

It’s all about enjoying the present. The chorus goes “We live, and we lie, and we fall, and we fly, We win, and we lose, so for now let’s all enjoy this view.” Let’s cherish the good times and make memories to carry on to our death. Sometimes we forget all the good things we have in front of us and we should be grateful for the things we have.

Sunday Best:

The Sunday best refers to people looking their best on Sunday for church. The song’s chorus is simple and catchy. “Feeling good, like I should, Went and took a walk around the neighborhood, Feeling blessed, never stressed, Got that sunshine on my Sunday best.” Simple enough message to be confident in yourself.


This is the semi-sad song. It features a piano as the lead and the chorus talks about the rain washing the sadness away. It’s more lo-fi and emo, but fills the need that life has its winters. We’ll go through these storms, but we’ll always know spring is coming. “Ohh, and that rain gonna wash away, Someday, Ohh, and the love gonna find a way, Some way.”

A message for us to enjoy the things we have. The outdoors, our friends, ourselves. We really have it good. This album is meant to capture all these wonderful things. Three kids in Texas had a dream to share their happiness and they managed to do so in this album.

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