Who knew NBA stars had time to make music? This album was produced by two-time NBA Champion JaVale McGee. He made beats for fun and recorded this album with a bunch of his friends. According to an interview he did with Billboard, McGee would spend up to two hours making music after his basketball practices. He is completely self-taught by watching YouTube videos. Most of these song he’s posted on Soundcloud and doesn’t sell them because he makes most of his money through basketball.

Five Favorite Songs:

Birthday Song (Ft. Rome Castille and Gemaine):

This song was dropped on his 30th birthday. It also features a sample from Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September.” The “ba de da, dancing in September” part is looped for a bit. A song for himself to celebrate his 30 years of life with marching drum like drums and horns tooting celebrating.

Chanel Rose Gold:

My favorite off the album. It’s the bounciest club banger here. It’s just a catchy and fun pop song. It’s got a cool hum from the male vocalist and synth lead that just makes us want to dance. The female vocalist has an inviting voice to make us bounce. The two voices make such an interesting combination to dance to.

Scooby Doo (Ft. Keith Canvas and Croosh):

The more rap focused song. A chill club banger to bob your head back and forth it. Ain’t much more to it other than that.

Headlock (Ft. Eric Bellinger):

Bellinger’s seductive voice combined with the upbeat r&b beat is what makes this song. The girl Bellinger is talking to has him in a headlock and won’t let go. This doesn’t have much more depth to it too.

Body (Too Exclusive and Red Cup Nation):

A song while meeting a girl in the club. The part where it goes “I found you, you have a lot in common, what a perfect girl I found her, shorty if you wid it I gotchu, I wanna be right next to you, like I can’t be when I’m not around you, shorty when you with something I need you, I gotta have you” was definitely inspired by this PnB Rock freestyle of French Montana’s Unforgettable.

Check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NahQKl3z3mg 

Most of these were created solely for the purpose of being bumped in the club. JaVale McGee saw his contemporaries make rap songs, but he just wanted to do this and have fun. He also only wanted to produce because he didn’t want to have anything he said compromise his NBA contract. Just a fun album from this NBA star to make us dance to.


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