The music industry doesn’t have any prominent Asian artists, but No Rome, an artist of Filipino descent, is on the come up. Indo Hisashi was a Japanese painter who made solid color paintings. Each painting has a different texture to it. RIP Indo Hisashi was produced by his label mates, Matt Healy and George Daniel from The 1975. His style is very similar to T975 with a mix of electronics and airy vocals.

Track Record:

Do It Again:

A song about a girl who promised “she wouldn’t do it again.” The girl he talks about drowns her sorrows and insecurities with alcohol. Do It Again has a unique mix of synths, pads, vocal samples and drums. It’s got an upbeat, chill vibe to it. This is the start of this EP and shows us his style.


This song is about young love. It comes from the romanticization of being 17 because people don’t have a care in the world other than their lover. The lyrics talk about two young lovers running away from life because it’s catching up to them too fast. It’s sound is unique and yet familiar because its got a soothing synth and 80’s type vibe but then ends with trap drums and 808s riding in the back.

Narcissist (ft. The 1975):

The first single I’ve heard by No Rome. It’s the only that lists The 1975 even though they helped No Rome with his other songs. It’s got a catchy sample from “Solo” by Jay Park running in the background. This song is just a fun song between them. No Rome sent Matt Healy a mixtape and they said let’s make this happen. The lyrics talk about how a girl he’s seeing is complaining about No Rome being a narcissist and only focusing on himself. Such a catchy and fun vibe from this collaboration.

Saint Laurent:

This is the most upbeat song on the EP. It’s got a bouncy drum beat and unique distorted guitar leads. It’s got an island type dance vibe to it. The lyrics constrast because they contain dark lyrics. He says the girl he’s with is absolutely beautiful, but he himself is broken because they’re breaking up. He’s literally broken because he crashes into the pavement and his head starts bleeding. The song ends into a somber piano ballad signifying his death.

RIP Indo Hisashi is a great introduction into the up and coming artist. With big friends known as The 1975, No Rome is off to great heights. The mix of electronics and traditionals and hip hop is unique and I cannot wait for more to come.

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