J.R.R. Tolkien said “Not all who wander are lost.” I honestly do not remember where I found these two because I was probably navigating through the depths of Spotify, but this album I’ve found is a goldmine. Warm is simply a chill island vibe. This album takes us to an album paradise and invites us to relax with them. It’s got lo-fi hip hop drums mixed with reggae guitar strums and a rap like melody. There are sounds of waves flowing back and forth, whistles from a guy lying on the beach and seagulls gawking in the background. Not too much is known about the artists Forrest. and Biskwiq, but they’re producers who’ve created this absolute paradise of an album.

Five Favorite Songs:

Your Soul:

The waves come in rhythmically dancing with the guitar and drums. We’re taken into this island paradise and invited to dance with the locals. The singer finds a girl he likes and tells her he loves her soul. Nothing else matters now, it’s just him and her on the beach.

Just Chill (Ft. Biskwiq):

“Can a man just chill?” Donald Glover in his movie, Guava Island questions why everyone is working when they live in paradise. The locals respond with working so they can live in paradise. The singer here is questioning about the work he does and why he went to school for eighteen years (I question this too). He just wants to be outside and just chill. I’m a city boy and often don’t have time to “just chill.” Sometimes we just gotta make time for it. He ends the song with the words “I’m not blaming you, I’m so thankful for work but like, come on… but I mean chill.”

Why Not Me:

“The best things in life are free, but why not me?” The singer is competing for his lover with her phobe. They get the best sunshine in the world yet he’s still not getting any attention. Frank Ocean said “Why see the world when you’ve got the beach?” This girl he’s chasing is missing out on so much beauty when she’s got something blocking her mind.

Grandpa’s Uke (Ft. Biskwiq):

The singer never met his grandfather, but he’s inherited his ukelele, so he’s gonna put it to good use. “I wonder if he hears these strings, I wonder if he hears these tunes.” The singer is also grateful for all the things he has.

“I woke up thankful today, thankful for may
Thankful for the good vibes flowing in my veins
Thankful for peace in the air that I breathe
Thankful God smiles when he sees you with me”


A reminder Sunday is coming. Our Sabbath day. Just chill and rest. You need to refuel eventually after a long week of work. “There are six days when you may work, but the seventh day is a day of sabbath rest, a day of sacred assembly. You are not to do any work; wherever you live, it is a sabbath to the LORD.” – Leviticus 23: 3

An amazing album that takes us away and reminds us to relax. Hopefully, you’re reading this post on a weekend and I invite you to rest this weekend too. Don’t just binge watch tv shows and movies, but do activities which will increase your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Run, read a book, and read the bible or something, but always remember to “just chill”. We need that.

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