Urban Flora is a beautiful combination of EDM and R&B. Galamatias provides the EDM beats (Urban) while Alina Baraz gives the R&B vocals (Flora). Urban Flora is an 8 song EP by the two artists. They first met when Baraz sang over a track Galamatias produced on Soundcloud. They worked on this EP for six months and only met in person after it was finished.

Five Favorite Songs:

Show Me: 

A chill atmospheric vibe. It’s got chill boom-bap drums and an eerie pad humming in the background. Baraz’s seductive voice invites us to see the interactions she has with her lover. The lyrics talk about her being relaxed with her lover as she meets him. “I’m all yours. Show me” is repeated. The chorus has a cool part where her voice is lowered down to sound like a male voice and contrasts with her seductive voice.

Can I:

Galamatias utilizes the same elements from “Show Me” such as the contrasting two voices of Alina Baraz and the chill urban drums. The song sounds bubbly with pads and synths going up and down and random pops sneaking in. Baraz asks her lover “If I told you I could give you life, would you leave the boundaries of your mind?” If there’s a love that could heal all pain. The chorus goes “Can I, undress you?” Sex is the ultimate form of intimacy and it appears these two lovers are trying to find this love beyond all pain.


A bubbly and chill song. Baraz tells her lover “I could be your fantasy, anything can happen.” This fantasy of her will hopefully let her lover overcome his pain. She talks about being his private island, shading him with palm trees and serenading with her waves. This song is quirky and lighthearted and poppy.


Baraz questions her relationship with her lover in this song. The chorus has her singing “Maybe I’ll get you out of my head, Maybe I’ll forget all the things you said. The lies on your lips, but there’s love on your eyes. Maybe I’ll forget you some other time.” The song starts off slow and then bumps with some rad synths and ends on this strong note.


Unfold talks about Baraz’s vulnerability with her lover. She says “I’m your flower, watch me unfold, My vulnerability, letting you consume me, The parts of me that eyes can’t see
The glowing underneath, Picking off the petals, I’ll let you if you’re gentle.” She is ready for her petals to be taken off and to be fully seen as who she truly is by her lover. This is her going past their struggles and bonding beyond all pain.

Urban Flora is a beautiful story of two lovers told through the lens of the female. She sees the pain in her lover and wants to take it all away through her love. But at the same time, he sees her pain and wants her to take away all her layers and accept her insecurities. This ends with both of them taking off all their layers and seeing each other as who they truly are.

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