I first knew this guy as Damian Lillard, the NBA player for the Portland Trailblazers. He released his debut album called “The Letter O.” The Letter “O” is prominent in his life and wears the number ‘0’ because of it. Lillard grew up in Oakland, CA, went to college (Weber) in Ogden, Utah and now is the face of the Portland Trailblazers (Oregon). The Letter O was a classic hip hop sounding album. Confirmed is his sophomore album and is full of bangers and it is fire. These songs are a mix of modern sounds and classic sounds. Lillard said he named this album “Confirmed” because he’s “fixed in habit and unlikely to change.”

Five Favorite Songs:

RUN IT UP (Featuring Lil Wayne):

The big single from this album. It’s got an awesome whistle melody going up and down along with a dark and hard piano as the harmony. The drums pound hard with its kick and hihats. Just a hard track about giving it your all and hustling towards that.

SHOOTA (Featuring Expensive Melodies):

Double entendre of him shooting his shot with a young mixed thang and him being one of the best shooters in the NBA. This song is reminiscent of 90’s hip hop/R&B music because of the chill boom bap style. The hihats are still trap style because of how fast they’re going. The chorus has dope vocals by Expensive Melodies going “nah nah nah nah” and a funky synth almost Dr. Dre like.


This one is a somber and chill song. He talks about the loss of a friend but celebrating life at the same time. There isn’t much known about the friend he lost but it’s clear he was close to him. He talks about seeing his friend’s daughter and is heartbroken because she just lost her father. In the second verse, he talks about celebrating by telling old stories and having communion with the other friends there.


I like this song because it’s old school. There’s a classic boom bap old school drum rhythm. Literally talks about giving a girl whatever she wants because he’s a superstar. Lyrics ain’t nothing special, but I like the fact it’s got a chill classic vibe.

THE LET DOWN (Featuring Nick Grant and BJ the Chicago Kid):

This song is lyrically heavy. Dame talks about how he’s at the top of his life now. He’s got a max contract and big shoe deal to meet more than his needs, but questions what will happen if he grows old and has no money. He wonders who’s gonna be there after his NBA career is over, who’s gonna be there when he’s down, or when he’s gone. He questions some people’s relationships if they’re there for the money and luxury or if they’re there for him. BJ The Chicago Kid’s hook goes “Every night I pray, that I can separate the real from the fake, the same way you separate the night from the day.” Nick Grant’s got a dope verse too. He shifts the tone away from Dame to focusing on what I think is Black on Black violence.

“Real ain’t when you beefin’ with yo’ brothers, homicide
Beefin’ with yo’ brothers just to let these races slide
Real ain’t when you hold the camera just to watch ’em die
Real people set the standard, yeah, it’s time to rise, I’m alive
So much, I could do this here for free
Trust in God, but sometimes you gotta pray with an ‘e’
In the mirror with a angry face like, “What it mean to me?”

This album is an underrated hip hop banger album from an NBA superstar. His ability to rap is surprising and the production of this album is amazing. He’s not one of those players that’s going to “Shut up and dribble” but is going to speak his mind through these songs. There’s an awesome mix of just sole bangers and personal songs for other people in Confirmed.


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