I first found out about this artist on Soundcloud, when I was looking through random EDM songs. Louis Futon released Way Back When in February 2019. This album perfectly encapsulates a mix of jazz and EDM.

Five Favorite Songs(+1):

The Beginning:

This intro song is an instrumental, but it has a cool mix of electronic synths and an awesome trumpet lead as its melody. The drums and rhythm are totally mainstream EDM, but the trumpet is just doing its own thing. It reminds me of a song to wake up to/ an entrance song declaring that the listener is coming. Or declaring the entrance of the other songs coming. It’s so cool!

Rewind (Featuring Armani White and Ashe):

This is my favorite song off this album. Everything about this song is so jazzy. The trumpet, the staccato piano (going dun dun dun really fast), and jazzy guitar riffs. Ashe makes this song sound so upbeat with her playful vocal riffs (da da, da da da da) over some bongos and the trumpet. Armani White brings so much energy in his verse by rapping. Got that old school style with rapping over a jazz beat. This song is such an amazing combination of Jazz, hip hop, and EDM.


This song is another instrumental. It heavily leans toward the side of Jazz. It’s got a catchy horn hook and a funky bassline to match with it. There are cool EDM synths attached which mimic the bassline and melody. There’s some samples of old school MCs doing adlibs which give it that old school feel. And true to Jazz music, there’s a wicked trumpet solo where I’m positive they’re improvising and vibing. Such a great tune to listen to.

Country Roads (Featuring Matt Zara and Anomalie):

More instrumental! This song slaps. It’s got a chill EDM vibe to it. No horns this time, but there’s an awesome soul sample resonating throughout. The piano takes place instead of the trumpet and goes off on those jazzy riffs. There’s also a lowkey jazz guitar jamming in the middle too and later goes off on a cool solo.

All My Life (Featuring Bella & BXRBER): [Bonus for me]

Both Bella and BXRBER are singing the same lyrics with Bella singing the lead and BXRBER the harmony. It’s got an awesome rhythmic groove and smoothe trumpet and guitar licks. The lyrics “Have for all my life” repeat throughout, but both of their voices make the vocals sound very similar to Kanye West distorting his own voice.

Fall on Me( Featuring BXRBER):

The last song on the album. It’s got a funk electronic bass beating throughout. It’s less Jazzy than the rest but it’s definitely got its influence. The trumpet sneaks back in adn does its thing in the second verse. BXRBER tells the story of moving to LA and facing depression. He says “I don’t want to see the sunshine, no I’m not afraid of walking in the rain.” He also mentions his uncle’s body is buried in the ground and caused him to go into a deep depression where he’s “backstroking in his tears without a swimsuit.” It’s such an upbeat song with a sad story. The trumpet and the drums are so positive yet the singer is sad, but he’s pushing through. The final words of this song is “I’m breaking”, but as he says “He’s not afraid of walking in the rain.”

Maybe Sebastian from La La Land should’ve accepted that Jazz is going another direction, and this album is a great culmination of that. It keeps the integral parts of Jazz with musical improvisation and combines that with the mainstream upbeatness of EDM.

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